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Interested in one of our Table Tipping events? Find out more here with our Q+A!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

What is Table Tipping?

Table tipping became extremely popular in Victorian times and it was known as a parlour game. After dinner, those in the house would sit around the table in candle light, and place their hands lightly upon the table. If the circumstances were right a spirit would draw close and using the energy of everyone in the room and blending it with their own energy, they moved the table.

Initially a code was settled upon whereby the spirit would move the table up and down once for yes and twice for no. When more direct communication was desired the alphabet would be recited and the spirit asked to move the table when they arrived at the letter that they wanted to use.

This communication is amazing to be a part of or to witness however it is tedious for all concerned.

Why use a Spirit Board?

Realising that table tipping offered only a long drawn out slow communication, a transition was made to using a Spirit Board. This gave the visiting spirits the scope to write exactly what they wished, often at speed.

Is the Spirit Board a Ouija Board?

The Ouija Board was often used by inexperienced people, who had little or no knowledge of spirit communication, respect for the visiting spirits or what to do to ensure their energy remained positive. Often when communication commenced the sitters would become fearful breaking the link and frustrating the spirits that came. Having little knowledge meant that if they encountered a difficult spirit they would automatically assume they were a negative spirit and become afraid and not know what to do. This did cause problems for the sitters from time to time and that is where the Ouija Board got its bad press from.

What does Ouija mean?

It is a combination of the French word for yes – Oui and the German word for yes – Ja

Why do you call the board used at the Centre a Spirit Board?

Because the Ouija Board has had such negative press, we were and are very respectful and mindful of our guests (on both sides). We wanted to refer to our board as something positive. As it is a board through which spirits are able to communicate, we decided to call it a Spirit Board.

Our Spirit Board was made specifically for us by the late Christopher Knott (husband of Iola Crowley-Knott). It has only been used by experienced mediums and only for positive spirit communication.

What types of Evenings do you offer?

These evenings are held on the third Friday of the month except December. They alternate between Public and Private Demonstrations.

Public evenings allow up to thirty guests to book a seat for £6 (reduction for those in the Supporter Scheme).

Private evenings cost £100, you can book the whole evening and bring with you guests if you choose. The maximum number for these evenings are six guests.

What happens on the Demonstration Evenings?

The Centre has a Team of trained mediums for this phenomenon. Robin oversees the evening. Wendy records each communication. Three or four mediums sit around the table Anne, Iola, Sue, Caroline and Neil.

Robin begins by welcoming everyone and explaining a little about it. He then leads a short relaxation in order for everyone to relax and for their energies to blend.

The team then invite a spirit (usually a guide) to come forward and to move the heavy wooden table in order demonstrate to the guests their ability. Those seated around the table, place their hands lightly upon it – just touching the table with their fingertips and then wait. If the mediums and the guests are not blended, then it may be necessary to sing a song. Any song will do so long as everyone takes part. The act of singing means everyone in the room is thinking about the same thing, the blending takes place and then the communication can take place. Sometimes the table rocks back and forth, sometimes it leans over and seemingly defies gravity, sometimes it spins on one leg, it can even move across the floor in a walking type motion, on a few occasions the whole table has lifted off the floor and a few time has ‘flown’ around the room. The latter usually occurs it a development circle. It has to be seen to be believed.

After the demonstration the Spirit Board is placed on the table and a glass is placed in the middle of it. The mediums gently rest a finger on the glass and they invite a spirit to communicate if they wish, in truth, in light and in love. Previously a spirit then has moved the glass to spell words. They tell the mediums who they have come to talk to and that person is invited to sit at the table. The spirit then relays a message to the invited guest and Wendy records the conversation for the guest to take home. (Please bear in mind it is difficult to record everything as it often occurs quickly. Wendy suggests that you go home and rewrite/type the transcript as soon as possible)

It is an amazing experience, even if you do not receive a message yourself, the fact that you have witnessed such direct communication and felt the love they bring to us - you will leave a changed person. Don’t be put off because you think that if you are chosen you will become emotional, because almost everyone cries. Happy tears. We have plenty of tissues (and hand sanitizer).

Can I ask someone specific who has passed on to come and talk to me?

We cannot and will not ever request a spirit comes to communicate. The spirits who do always come of their own free will. If you would like to talk to a particular person, may we suggest you send a thought to them telling them you are coming and if they are able you would love to hear from them.

If they don’t come, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you any more or even that they don’t want to come. It means that they are not able to come. The Spirit World is not quite as we think, we learn that most spirits chose to ‘work’ and that work may mean they are busy on the night and so unable to communicate with you. It may mean that they were there and were hoping to talk to you but there was a queue and they just didn’t get to the front of it before time ran out.

Instead of feeling disappointment be happy that you witnesses such phenomenon and that you now know your loved ones are safe and well and living a life in The Spirit World.

Sometimes we want one person to talk to us and a completely different person comes instead. Please accept the person who comes because they come to you with love.

Can I practice the Spirit Board or Table Tipping?

There are differing opinions on this subject but Anne (President) and Wendy (Vice-President) say a definite NO. They believe that to be safe you should only sit with experienced mediums, who are trained in these types of mediumship.

How can I learn more about these?

Anne and Wendy run a workshop (by demand) to explain them and other forms of physical mediumship. During the evening they answer your questions and usually end with a quick demonstration of table tipping where everyone present can experience it themselves by putting their own fingertips upon it. Usually they are lucky enough to witness a communication from a spirit through the board before the evening ends.

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