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Our Policies

COVID-19 Policy

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single person in a variety of ways and here at Deal Spiritual Church Centre, we hope to provide everyone with as normal service as possible whilst doing everything we can to acknowledge and adapt to the effects of the pandemic through following the current guidelines set by the Government.   Across all events, services and workshops, our policy is:

  • We would ask that anyone who is experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms or has been in contact with someone experiencing symptoms to not attend the Centre.

  • Since many of our visitors are vulnerable, we encourage you to wear a face mask within the building unless seated. 

  • You may sing when guided but please consider wearing a face mask and please don’t sing very loudly as this can project aerosols.

  • Please keep your distance from others not in your family group.  Please do not approach or touch others unless you have their permission to do so.

  • If you choose not to wear a mask or you have an exemption then we request that you try to maintain distance from others.

  • We encourage you to wash your hands, using sanitiser or soap and water, upon entry, during your visit, and prior to leaving.

  • As much as we all enjoy socialising, we ask that you minimise socialising inside the building.

  • Where possible, windows will be open to ensure proper ventilation.  You may wish to bring a coat, scarf or similar if you think you may get cold.

  • All chairs will have more distance between them and we ask that you do not move these.

  • Unfortunately, we can no longer offer refreshments to visitors at open public events, however one can be provided if required, please request one via a member of staff.

  • Hymn sheets, pens and anything handled by visitors will be quarantined and there will be one per person or family group.

  • During workshops and other events, we will encourage everyone to remain in their seats for breaks, however please feel free to use the facilities or take some fresh air.

  • There will be one allocated person to distribute handouts during workshops and other events.


Specific to Tuesday Healing Clinic:

  •  Only a maximum of 5 in the waiting room at any one time.

  •  The protective tissue will now be across the entire bed.

  •  The bed will be sanitised between clients.

  •  An appointment system is in place and there are limited walk-ins available.  Please use the website or contact Bee on 07588802420 to book. Bookings for appointments opens for each Tuesday the prior Wednesday at 10am


*Updated on 12 June 2022 according to current Government guidelines*

COVID Policy

Privacy Policy

Access our privacy policy by clicking HERE.

Privacy policy
E+D policy

Equality & Diversity Policy

Deal Spiritualist Church Centre (DSCC) promotes the cultural diversity of its users, by recognising that people have different needs, beliefs, values and abilities; the centre also encourages a sense of belonging and community with its policy of making services as accessible as possible to all its users, by being sensitive to the needs of those who feel socially excluded by virtue, for instance, of illness, disability or limited finance. DSCC is run by its Committee and its members, who facilitate the participation in the life of the Centre by all its users, (whether supporters or not), through its complementary health sessions, personal development classes and its other activities.


DSCC is committed to ensuring that all individuals and groups that use the Centre are treated fairly and equally; we will oppose discrimination against any individual or group, (that is where someone is treated less favourably than another), on the grounds of:


  • Race, ethnic or national origin; 

  • religion or creed; 

  • political opinion;

  • disability or impairment; 

  • gender (including transgender), 

  • sexual orientation or marital status; 

  • employment status; social status; 

  • HIV status; 

  • age; 

  • pregnancy and maternity;

  • appearance or size or on any other grounds.


As a Centre we are governed by The Equality Act 2010, and any other relevant legislation and codes of guidance, which the Committee undertakes to be acquainted with and to abide by.


This Equality and Diversity Policy was passed by the Deal Spiritualist Church Centre Committee in 2017, and will be reviewed again annually, or sooner, if new legislation creates the need to amend this Equal Opportunities Policy.


Jean Hargrave 11th June 2017

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