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Learning Reiki

Reiki is an ancient system of self-development and healing. It is split into three levels:

Reiki I: is concerned with the physical aspect of oneself

Reiki II: the mental / emotional aspect

Reiki III (Masters): the spiritual aspect


Once a student reaches Master level they should be balanced in body, mind and spirit. Students do not need to possess a desire to become a healer – Reiki is firstly a self-development formula.

See for yourself how much Reiki can change your life! 

Here at the Centre, we pride ourselves in providing smaller classes and offering more time with sessions being face-to-face once a month.  As a result, your Reiki journey is easier, gives you more time to really learn about Reiki and also to practice and adopt into your life where you wish. 


Reiki 1

Learn the basics of Reiki

This is an introduction to Reiki, its history, and how to work with the energy. You are introduced to the first Reiki symbol and learn how to use it.  This course prepares you for the Practitioner course.

There are 4 sessions that take place once per month at £30 per session.

Reiki 2

Become a qualified practitioner

You will learn what is required to become a practitioner through theory and practical exercises. You will be taught two more symbols in order to refine your Reiki skills, helping you to channel it more specifically, helping others.

This is a course of 4 sessions at £30 per session.

Reiki Treatment
Open Notebook

Reiki 2+

Expand your knowledge and prepare for Master's

This is an additional course created by the Centre's president, Anne, and vice-president, Wendy to allow students time and space to explore and develop their Reiki by offering them more techniques and experience as well as knowledge.

This is a course of 12 sessions at £30 per session.

Reiki 3

Become a Master

This is known as the Master's course as you will learn how to master the Reiki energy through teaching you more about the system and giving you a deeper understanding. They are also introduced to four more symbols allowing them more options in treatment plans.

This is a course of 12 sessions with sessions 1-11 at £30 per session and session 12 at £55.

Throwing Caps

Reiki 4

Learn how to share knowledge to others

This is a teaching course. It guides students through practical teaching techniques, setting up a classroom, preparing notes and lesson plans, as well as learning how to lead Reiki rituals, such as attunements.

There are 4 sessions that take place once per month at £30 per session.

Animal Reiki

Learn how to heal animals

This is mainly a home study course and is available to those holding Reiki 2 or higher, who wish to specialise in giving Reiki healing to animals.

This course costs £70 and consists of one session to begin with in which you will be given a portfolio to complete and return when you finish.

Pet The Bunny
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