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Workshops & Courses

Here at Deal Spiritual Centre, we pride ourselves on being able to share our collective knowledge with the public, not only demonstrating the spiritual gifts of our staff and guest tutors.  

Many of the workshops and course we offer are provided by One Step At A Time, who are a spiritual-based school ran by our very own President and Vice-President, Anne Herbert and Wendy Sartain.

At the Centre, we offer workshops about spiritual awareness and personal development. Our educational settings are designed to be relaxed, informal, fun, practical and informative. They are designed to help you achieve your goal: tap into your psychic ability, develop mediumship, understand yourself, build confidence, become a healer, meet like-minded people, amongst other things.

Check out our future courses and individual workshops by going onto our full calendar. You can see full details of our courses and our previous workshops below.



Reiki Treatment


Reiki 1, 2, 2+ & Masters

Unlock the benefits of Reiki and learn how to channel healing energy!

Per session:

From £30

Happy Traveler


12 sessions 

Learn how to be more productive, happy, successful and stress-free!  

Per session:


Yoga at the Park


12 sessions

Kick-start your spiritual journey! You will be introduced to meditation and mediumship as well as much more!

Per session:


Current Student Resources

Many of our workshops and courses come with resources such as worksheets, guided audio meditations, handouts and images. Whilst these are provided during the session, we also have them available here online.

All those having attended a workshop or course will be given a password to access any relevant files. Please press the button below, select which course folder you would like to access and enter the password given to you.  If you lose this password or have any technical difficulties, please get in touch.

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