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Our Mission

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

The Centre was founded in 1952 and was built for the purpose of providing a building when communication between the world of the spirit and the world of the physical could take place. There was also the intention by the founders that this communication would enhance the physical, spiritual, moral and religious outlook of all those who would attend the Centre.

It is the aim of the Centre officers and committee to continue the work of the original founders in providing the best possible facilities for spiritual communication to take place in the mental, psychic and physical forms by demonstrations of clairvoyance, various forms of energy healing and physical/spiritual phenomena.

The officers and committee are there to ensure the facilities are fit for purpose, safe and secure and that all people who come into the Centre, no matter what their current religious faith, are made welcome in both love and friendship.

Demonstrations of mediumship, coupled with a religious service, are conducted every Sunday. Other meetings are held during the week and at weekends for the purpose of developing the spiritual talents of those who wish to attend.

There is a core membership who support the purpose and upkeep of the Centre. However the Centre is open to everyone who wishes to attend to witness the communication of the spirit and physical, to receive energy healing or enhance their own understanding of the spirit world. In doing so they could expect to improve their own physical, spiritual and moral wellbeing. Membership of the Centre has never been, and never will be, a prerequisite to being able to attend Sunday services.

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