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Practicing at home? Check out our CDs!

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

‘A Journey to Bliss’ Meditation on CD Affectionately known by many as ‘The Pink Fluffy Cloud Meditation’, recorded by Wendy Sartain

£6 (plus P&P, unless collected from the Centre)

This is a non-denominational meditation designed to assist those at all levels of meditation training to fully relax. The meditation will take you through a slow process of ‘putting your physical body to sleep’ before talking you through a technique that will enable you to put your worries aside, at least for the period of the meditation. Finally having freed your mind you will be led to a place of unconditional love, a place where there is no tension or stress and where you can just be!

After revitalising you will be gently guided back to reality, but will return more able to cope with life’s pressures.

Half an hour’s meditation has been proven to be more beneficial than two hours sleep – so purchase your CD then find a space to relax and enjoy the experience!

‘Hatsurei-ho’ Meditation on CD

Recorded by Wendy Sartain

£6 (plus P&P, unless collected from the Centre)

Hatsurei-Ho Meditation Technique

  • Track 1: About Hatsurei-Ho

  • Track 2: Preparation of your sacred space

  • Track 3: An Invocation to prepare the energy of your room and yourself

  • Track 4: The Mantras of the Seven Reiki Symbols

  • Track 5: Hatsurei-Ho

Students were originally taught that it is not enough simply to receive a Reiki empowerment. Although once attuned, the Reiki ability will never leave you. It was said that if a student wanted to progress on their spiritual path, they needed to do three things:

  1. Continue to receive Reiju empowerments on a regular basis

  2. Practice Hatsurei Ho daily

  3. Live the ‘Reiki Principles’.

I know how difficult it is to find the time to make Hatsurei-Ho a part of your every day life and so in order to make it easier I have recorded this CD, which includes what you need to know about the technique in addition to the technique itself. I really hope that you enjoy it and it assists you in the development of yourself and attunement to Reiki.


Email us to place an order, or ask when you visit the Centre

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